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Your contribution empowers us to continue to provide trainings that help build lives of significance and communities of hope.
We greatly appreciate you for supporting our efforts!

Pathways Core Training is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and any contribution you make will be fully tax deductible to the extent of the law. Our Tax ID number is 26-1084626.


Make a one-time gift to support the mission of Pathways Core Training! Your generosity allows us to continue to elevate our Training and impact even more lives!

How does your donation help?

  • $10 for 10 rocks
  • $25 fo 25 Notebooks
  • $50 fo 50 Bag of Pinto Beans
  • $100 for 100 Cups of Coffee
  • $160 for 1 Weekender Hotel Room
  • $350 for 1 Microphone
  • $440 for 1 Weekend Training

Thank you for your generosity!


Make a donation so others can also benefit from the training provided by Pathways Core Training. Scholarship categories include: Military Fund, Cancer & Care Givers Fund, and Special Needs Fund. With your donation, we can help even more people be empowered to live lives with purpose, passion, dignity and integrity.

Thank you for helping others!

30 / 30

Participating in our 30/30 program is a commitment to give $30 a month to support our 30-year vision. Your generosity allows us to continue to elevate our training and impact even more lives!

Thank you for your commitment!


We invite you to become a Pathways Core Training Legacy Partner.

A Legacy Partner’s investment will go towards changing lives and legacies of individuals and families. Your investment will ensure the long-term sustainability of the mission that we all hold do dear to our hearts – to empower people to live with purpose, passion, dignity and integrity.

Your investment will change lives today and legacies forever!

As a Legacy Partner:


  1. You will be invited to participate in a quarterly conference call with the Executive Management Team.
  2. Your trainee will receive a 10% discount from the Walk through P3.

Thank you for your investment!


Become a Member of Our Volunteer Team

Volunteering inside and outside the Training Rooms is a priceless investment in the lives of others. If you are a Pathways Core Training graduate and would like to give back, consider applying to become a valuable member of our Volunteer Team!