Board Secretary
Class #318

I earned a Master’s of Business Administration, with a specialty in International Business and Finance from St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania; Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers University in New Jersey; and Associate of Applied Science from Camden County College in New Jersey. In 2009, I relocated to Texas from New Jersey with the objective of finding balance – balance of Spirit, Mind and Body. Since my Spiritual balance seemed to be the easiest thing to find (after this area if affectionately known as the ‘Bible Belt-way’), I starting by finding a Church that met my immediate needs and joined Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, in Plano Texas. I had a plan to be a seat-warmer on Sunday (only). My plan was wrong. God took control and allowed me to serve and lead multiple ministries. The serving ignited a passion to serve more and that felt just right.

Once my Spiritual balance seemed to be off to a good start, I now needed balance of Mind. I heard about Pathways through my Sponsor while she and I were on vacation in Europe. Prior to my Sponsor becoming a Pathways graduate, I paid attention to her lack of peace, nervousness, tattered fingernails and constant life complaints. She seemed to be a mess! While in Europe she was free-spirited, very relaxed and embraced life – she had completely changed! Therefore, I asked, “What happened? You are so different.” She told me about Pathways and how it changed her life. I said ‘I want some of that’!

When I joined Pathways, I really thought I had it all figured out. I will enter the room and hear them Pathways people out. Then, I will interject my opinions, leadership influence, and I can have what my Sponsor has – easy-as-pie. How wrong I was (again). This time, I learned that my childhood situations created an avalanche of problems that were plastered all over my life. I learned that my negotiation techniques, at that time, were completely based on avoiding conflict. I learned that the husband I divorced, the family I raised, the very job I held, and even my weight problems all stemmed from my childhood situations! In addition, the most important part, I learned that I LIVED LIFE BY DEFAULT. It really hurt finally knowing my truth. After many days of crying, hard work, prayer and fight, here I am several years later practicing and embracing the life I want.

Through Pathways, I learned to take my life by command and live with Purpose on Purpose. I take care of myself by surrounding myself with only people and situations that enhance my lifestyle. Through Ministry my Spiritual needs were fed; through purposeful living my Mind was freed; through Service my Body was toned and I learned that Pathways was the key to have all three of what I really needed – Balance of Spirit, Mind, and Body!

I thank God for my life and the opportunity to serve on the Pathways Board of Directors. It just seems right that the next phase of my life is leading others to this great life. I will do my best to make sure I live our Pathways mission – day-by-day.

I am, very happy and proud to be me!

I am a Strong Very PROUD Black Woman, who is a Woman of God.