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  • Thank you for applying to become a Pathways Team Member. Being a Pathways Team Member is not only a privilege that requires a high level of dedication to the Pathways mission, but a great opportunity to be a part of the process that has helped many create a great life for over 30 years.
    Applications are reviewed once per month by Community Council. We will compare your desire and availability to our current Team needs and send you a response as soon as possible. At any time that your availability and/or desire changes, please complete a new application.
    Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance.

  • Mission

    - There are teams that are available throughout the year: Check-In Team, LGL Elections, Training Weekend Support, Weekend/WALK & Partners.
    - There are three teams that are available at least once per year: Teen Family Camp, Step Beyond & Empowered Parenting.
    - The Base Requirements to be a Team Member are to have graduated from Partner III, have sponsored a Trainee into the Weekend, and had previously attended or committed (within 2 years) to attend the Step Beyond. Some trainings have additional requirements that are listed under the team.
    - Each team needs Standby Team Members, these Team Members are called when another Team Member is forced to cancel within one or two weeks of the seminar.

  • Mission

    Empowering people to live with purpose, passsion, dignity and integrity.

  • Core Values

    We strive towards “Greatness” along the following guidelines:

    1. We serve from a Spirit of Reverence. We believe this training is guided by and inspired by something much larger than any one person, so we therefore place the Training above individual personalities and ego needs.
    2. We serve from a Spirit of Humility. We recognize that humility means “I am teachable.” We accept our small but crucial role in the bigger picture, and fulfill it to the best of our ability – no less, and no more.
    3. We serve from a Spirit of Healthy Growth. We seek to grow and better ourselves by accepting and even seeking feedback as we journey towards healthier, happier and better.
    4. We serve from a Spirit of Trust. We believe a greater inner wisdom guides each of us towards our own highest good, and we therefore respect the trainees enough to meet them where they are without judgment, rescuing, controlling or avoiding.
    5. We serve from a Spirit of Boldness and Courage. We require that trainees play the games exactly as they are being asked to play the games, and do not back off this goal.
    6. We serve from a Spirit of Unconditional Love. We give honest, truthful feedback from the heart, from a core of unconditional love, without being motivated by the selfish motives of control, power, rescuing, ego or pushing our own agenda on others.
    7. We serve from a Spirit of Accountability. We fully accept the responsibility of serving and follow through on all the commitments required inside and outside the room. We serve from a Spirit of Teamwork. We support other TAs, facilitators, PCs, staff and volunteers in doing their jobs so that the training remains professional and powerful.
    8. We serve from a Spirit of Dignity and Respect. We believe that everyone deserves to live in an environment that fully recognizes each individual’s innate human value. We are fully committed to creating such an environment of dignity and respect because it brings out the full potential in each of us, which, in turn, contributes directly to our mission. We embrace and support the talents and gifts of each individual. Therefore, we are fully committed to providing a environment and training that is free of discrimination of all types from abusive, offensive or harassing behavior and will choose to not engage in offensive and vulgar behaviors.
    9. We serve from a Spirit of Example. We live this training to the best of our ability inside and outside this room, realizing we are not perfect. We do, however, choose to lead by example by using our hearts, tools and core nucleus as we strive to be “Winners and Champions” in our own lives.

    Are these lofty ideals? Yes! We believe as an organization we are moving towards greatness in fulfilling a divine mission, and we are grateful for every opportunity we get to learn how to more fully grow towards these ideals.

  • Code of Ethics

    1. We do no harm to trainees, staff, other volunteers or the Pathways Organization.
    2. We avoid imposing our own beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors on trainees that are inconsistent with the Pathways trainings.
    3. No outside contact [i.e., no sexual relationships, no Facebook friends, no fraternizing] other than in a Pathways professional role is allowed with any trainee until 30 days after the trainee graduated unless such a relationship already exists with the trainee upon entering the training.
    4. We do not use Pathways or its receiver lists to promote personal enterprises; we do not promote personal enterprises at any time during our role in service to the organization.
    5. What is said in the training room stays in the training room. We do not gossip about anything heard in a training outside that actual training. Keeping information confidential does not apply when disclosure is required to protect the trainee or identified others from serious and foreseeable harm.
    6. We are alert to signs of impairment from our own physical, mental or emotional problems and refrain from serving on a team when such impairment is likely to adversely affect our service.
    7. We act only within the boundaries of our competence and refrain from giving advice, doing therapy or diagnosing trainees. We may refer a trainee to an appropriately trained professional if we have questions or concerns.
    8. We treat Pathways intellectual property as confidential and do not share such intellectual property with anyone outside the Pathways organization.
    9. We will not engage in defamation or slander of the Pathways organization or trainings.