Become a Member of Our Volunteer Team

Volunteering inside and outside the Training Rooms is a priceless investment in the lives of others. If you are a Pathways Core Training graduate and would like to give back, consider applying to become a valuable member of our Volunteer Team!

Ways to Volunteer

There are teams that are available throughout the year:
Check-In Team, LGL Elections, Training Weekend Support, Weekend/WALK & Partners.

There are three teams that are available at least once per year:
Teen Family Camp, Step Beyond & Empowered Parenting.

The Base Requirements to be a Team Member are to have graduated from Partner III, have sponsored a Trainee into the Weekend, and had previously attended or committed (within 2 years) to attend the Step Beyond. Some trainings have additional requirements that are listed under the team.

Each team needs Standby Team Members, these Team Members are called when another Team Member is forced to cancel within one or two weeks of the seminar.