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The Core Training

Pathways Core Training is an experience-based training that helps people overcome the barriers from their past, align their habits and relationships to their core values and design an attainable life plan that elevates the quality of their future.

Why Pathways?

  • Build self-esteem, confidence, and personal power
  • Raise emotional intelligence, maturity and heal emotional wounds
  • Discover new tools to resolve relationship issues
  • Find your life’s purpose
  • Change destructive habits into positive ones
  • Improve relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Develop authentic, heartfelt communication skills

Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Trainings
  1. The Weekend

    February 2, 2028 - February 4, 2028

    HEART. Are your thoughts and choices in harmony with what your HEART… Read More →

  2. Partners 1

    February 2, 2028 - February 4, 2028

    OWNERSHIP. Are your attitudes and actions consistent with your core values? Do… Read More →

  3. The Walk

    February 2, 2028 - February 4, 2028

    The Walk is an intense, five-day journey to self-renewal and healing by… Read More →

  4. Partners 2

    February 2, 2028 - February 4, 2028

    PASSION. Is your passion buried under the responsibilities and burdens of “adult-ing”?… Read More →