Susie Timms

Before Pathways, Susie Timms took life too seriously, never injecting joy, fun or spontaneity. She knew something was missing from her life.   When her brother and sister-n-law, Wayne and Amy Tyler suggested Pathways, with a little persuasion, she joined class 302 and started her journey to find the extraordinary life she craved.

During the week, Susie faithfully teaches a class of rambunctious fourth graders before going home to mold and shape two beautiful kids of her own:  Ethan, 15 and Gracie, 9.

Each day, she navigates uncharted waters as a newly-single woman and mother. While this life detour is not without pain and hard adjustments, she knows she can do it with grace and love, as she built up her resilience and strength through the experienced-based training at Pathways Core Training.  She acknowledges that her fortitude is the result of serious, gut-level heart work.  Now, she never stops seeking more of what her heart needs.

In addition to her individual work, she gives a lot–if not most–of the credit to her core nucleus for helping her.  Since graduating almost five years ago, to this day, she counts a handful of her classmates as her closest allies. While life can be unexpected, she faces it with confidence because she doesn’t have to face the hardship of change alone.

Susie says that becoming a TA and standing in the gap for hundreds of trainees in the Weekend, Walk and Partners trainings over the years have been an enlightening and character-building experience. She says that it’s true that your own growth takes off exponentially while guiding another heart through the training process. However, being a TA isn’t a replacement for doing your own heart excavation as a trainee in the room. That’s why she’s refreshed THREE TIMES.

Yes, three times! Susie maintains that each of her P3 refresher trainings led to a deeper understanding of what it means to live her life, her way, on her terms. After refreshing, most recently in February, she reflected, “There truly are no accidents. God led me into that room. It was the most powerful training I’ve ever experienced.” For Susie, refreshing her training means making self-care a priority and making the commitment to get focused and re-center her life. “Going back into P3 is simply my time – my time to do my work, just for me.”

Susie claims the element of “H.O.P.E.” resounding the strongest within her is “ELEVATE.” She believes you can never exhaust the power inside you to reflect, revise, refine and rise above. She chooses to seize every opportunity to cultivate more peace, more connection, more courage, and more vitality in her life. She challenges you to do the same.