Kala DeHaan Hill

In the Pathways Core Training community, there are few sponsors with a “resume” as impressive as Kala DeHaan Hill. She can proudly count 36 individuals whom she has personally sponsored through the training, and the influence of her effort extends to over 100 families that have been directly impacted as her sponsorees continue to sponsor as well. What is the driving force to which Kala attributes her persuasive prowess? She says that it’s the results of the training itself revealed in her own life that serve as the best advertisement for the power of Pathways Core Training. People in her sphere see the changes to her heart and are convinced of the legitimacy of the program.

Before Kala was introduced to Pathways, she admits that she was living in a shell of reality, never showing her authentic self and instead creating a public persona of perfection in the attempt to hide the brokenness within her heart. The image that was presented to the world was one of confidence – a woman with a master’s degree in nursing who was climbing the professional ladder and entertained a bustling personal life full of friends and social influence. The secrets she was hiding inside, however, told a much different story. She was emotionally numb, depressed, suffering from anxiety and filled with anger and self-hatred. The price of keeping up her reputation had finally come to collect and she had lost herself completely. A continuing cycle through eating disorders, abusing prescription medication and being abused in relationships took its toll until Kala decided she just didn’t want to live anymore.

All of that changed when she decided to try one last thing before giving up and agreed to attend Pathways Core Training as a member of Class 294 in October 2011. She emerged from her training with a heart full of joy and self-respect, finally able to feel the love of God and to experience hope, passion, excitement and intimacy with others. She is able to be vulnerable and show who she really is to others, and can finally give her feelings a voice and accept help when she’s struggling. One of her greatest assets in life is the enormous core nucleus of friends and family that have attended the training and therefore can engage her heart with reciprocity and hold her accountable in healthy ways.

Kala has taken ownership over her life by allowing God and her heart to lead her, rather than being a victim to her circumstances and waiting for the next bad thing to happen. She has embraced her new perspective and has purposely designed the life that God intended for her. After graduation Kala started actively volunteering as a TA in the training rooms. Her revelations during her training manifested within her a vision to step out of traditional medicine and make a difference. She recently started her own hormone management practice so she could help people suffering from conditions that she personally experiences and understands. She now approaches her work and her clients with empathy and understanding, while finally feeling fully in charge of her professional destiny. Her life post-training also brought along the joy of marrying her best friend Tim Hill (Class 303) and giving birth to her beautiful son Brayden who just turned one.

Kala finally trusts herself and her intuition, and believes in her purpose and her capabilities. Even with all the blessings and busyness in her life, she still considers sponsoring one of her top priorities and always makes it a goal to lead her loved ones and even strangers into the room. She knows that the training saves lives and that growing her core nucleus safeguards her from ever having to feel alone again.