Mark Musser

“Prior to Pathways, I had given up on the idea of finding love and quit believing that I was even worthy of being loved. A lifetime of over-responsibility had pushed anything resembling fun to the side and had robbed me of experiencing my world in a real and authentic way. Despite having a mound of commitments I doubted myself and my abilities.

The training empowered me to let go of the “damaged goods” narrative and, for the first time in my life, believe that I am a happy, whole and complete person. Equally as big is that I found my fun again. My heart has become less judgmental, not only toward others but more importantly to myself. The training helped me see that I am ultimately the one that gets in my own way. My passion has always been there, waiting patiently for me to embrace it and run. I am now relentless when it comes to personal growth – it’s amazing to engage my world from a place of peace and resolve for my future and dreams. I now know what it means to love people and, through that heart-level engagement, help them in a meaningful way. I found out that I have a big ole’ squishy fun heart that is open to give and receive love.

In regards to elevating our lives to the next level, I believe we never fully arrive and that God is always showing us areas in need of improvement. I believe that the quicker we get real with ourselves and stop making excuses for our poor choices and own them, the faster we realize our true potential. In addition, giving ourselves grace when we do stumble and fall is just as critical to emotional growth. I remind myself daily, “If not now, when?” I know life is short and I want to make the most of every moment.”