Marcie Lockwood

“Pre-Pathways I had loved and lost so much. I was so shut off because I knew if I loved someone and truly let them in, I might lose them and I wasn’t willing to endure that type of pain ever again. It was much safer to go through the motions and hold everyone at arm’s length, even my husband and children. My heart was a dark empty space, void of tenderness. No grace, no compassion.

Today, LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING! My heart is soft and full of love for myself, and I’ve let go of the guilt and shame that was never mine to carry. I am able to hug on my kids and my husband and know that I am not holding back anything. I realize that I will indeed lose someone I love someday, but I’m never again going to hold back from loving them fully because they deserve to know how much I care. I now understand that I am good enough to go after what I want. I have forgiven myself and I recognize that I have something valuable to offer others. I am far from perfect, but what’s really cool is that I don’t have to be. I am just me, making mistakes every day, open to learning from them and acknowledging where there is room for growth.

My advice on how to elevate your life is to dream. DREAM BIG! But don’t just dream, take action. Be proud of who you are and never, ever give up. Give yourself grace. Fall, then get back up and try again!”